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  • What size to take?
    You can take your usual size. The jerseys are fitted whether you are a woman or a man. You can refer to the size guides.
  • Can I personalize my jersey if I am not a member of the Club?
    No, you must be a member of the Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux because the personalization consists of your flag, your gender, your event and your approval number.
  • What are the materials of the swimsuits?
    The Comp jersey was created and developed to have a performance-oriented product. Its classic, lightweight cut offers optimal comfort of use and the selected fabric guarantees permanent perspiration wicking. Made from Dry Clim materials which ensures quick drying. The Elite+ jersey was designed for high-level competition. It precisely follows the lines of the body when you are on the bike in a competition position. Very light and very ventilated, it is particularly suited to extreme climatic conditions heats. Its ergonomic cut adapts perfectly to the movements of your body. The long-sleeved jersey is ideal for leisure and competitive cycling. Ideal for mid-season, it is made with very breathable and resistant fibers which offer you breathability, support and durability over time. The quality of the fabric guarantees resistance to all tests. Its classic and comfortable cut ensures ergonomic cycling in all conditions.
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